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Gold Fever Follies needs roller blades!

Hey, the Gold Fever Follies is looking for several pairs of roller blades to fit female shoe sizes 6 to 9, knee pads, helmets, wrist braces, and other safety equipment for the upcoming season, June - August! If you have any of these items and would like to loan them to the Follies, we'd love to hear from you :) Please email Lisa at

Thanks for checking your closets and basements! And for your support of Rossland's Gold Fever Follies!


Hi Lisa, 

This is your neighbour Catherine and I have some blades plus gear I would be happy to lend, catch up to you later.


Thanks, Catherine! I'm sure Lisa will contact you shortly, if she hasn't already. Anyone else have any roller blades or gear we could borrow for the summer?

Still looking for roller blades, knee pads, etc... to borrow for the summer.