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The CLEANER offers PRODUCTIVE, PROFESSIONAL, PERSONABLE service adressing the demand for temporary/seasonal/on call/odd job/one time/permanent HELP with any job under the sun

Indoor/Outdoor CLEANER services


CLEANING, organizing, wall washing, light bulb changing, picture hanging, anything under a roof you just don't want to do!

Environmentally sensitive 

Readily available.



Seasonal CLEANING, shovelling,eavstrough cleaning, powerwash, yard, garden, digging, cutting, lifting, or anything you just don't want to do!

Enviromentally sensitive

Readily available.


The CLEANER will not be subjected to unsafe work.


Respond, Email, or Text

The CLEANER  250-231-9164










24.00/ HR. With YOUR supplies

30.00/ HR. With The CLEANER  supplies.

Minimum 1Hr Pro-RATED AFTER 1 HR.