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POC joint VPD Air Knee pads XL for sale - brand new

great set of knee pads, brand new but too big for me, brand new in package..will trade for smaller size! 


$70 obo

call or text Marto @ 250-231-5335



Big legs bump.. obo


Big strong XL legs need these .. obo! 

Still looking to protect some knees..

still available..




Obo, small legs need not apply..


Still available, ride 'em cowboy..

Get em while there hot...


You'll have the best looking knees in town..


These are the bees knees..


Please your knees with these..

Put these on your knees, eat a slice of cheese and hit the trails with ultra-steeze

you betta protect yo'self before you wreck yo'self..



DO it..


Somebody's knees could really use these..