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On-Site Caretaker Position


We are looking for a contracted, on-call maintenance caretaker, who is responsible for the day-to-day preservation, security, maintenance and repair of the Strata’s assets and common areas. This position requires an individual to be available 365-days of the year. As the caretaker, you will be the point of contact for the Strata-hired contractors, and approved sub-contractors hired to work on behalf of Strata, on an as needed basis, for project-specific common area work. The caretaker is required to perform general maintenance and cleaning duties and undertake responsibilities in a professional manner.


Summary of Skills

·    Work in conjunction with the Strata Owners, Strata Management, and contractors to ensure building and common areas are maintained.

·    Must be willing to attend to litter patrols and other site related duties as may be required

·    Assist where needed with small repair and maintenance projects as required and directed by Strata Management

·    Review and complete service requests items submitted and assigned by Strata Manager

·    Provide emergency service to the building after established working hours if and when required.

·    Provide the Strata Manager with a monthly building maintenance report. Including assessment on future work that should be completed.

·    Establish routine schedules for efficient operation and or/ anticipate the changes due to holidays and schedules.

·    Provide access to tradesman and any other serviceman as stipulated by the Strata Manager for access to the building.

·    Complete any necessary repairs when possible or advise the Strata Manager if a contractor needs to be hired.

·    Contact the Strata Manager in the event of an incident or emergency resulting in the activation of the Strata’s insurance.

·    Clean and maintain the exterior of the building at all times.

·    Maintenance including, but not limited to, garbage and cigarette removal around the property; replace all burnt out light bulbs; remove spider webs, empty bird nests, wasp nests from soffits, posts, etc. as needed; maintain lawns, planters, shrub beds as needed; spot cleaning of parking lots; snow clearing around property and snow removal from roof; pressure wash parking area, sidewalks, and stairs; cleaning of all gutters, down spouts, and grates.

·    Weekly mechanical inspections of the building are to be completed of the pumps, motors, boilers. Compressors, ventilation systems, thermostats, all filters & gauges. Record findings in the Building Maintenance log book. Wipe down equipment to keep free of dust & debris as needed.

·    Check principal and remote trouble lights

·    Ensure all roadways provide access to the Fire Department

·    Visually inspect all water supply valves, sprinklers & standpipes located within the sprinkler valve rooms to ensure wide open and sealed/locked in that position in the event of needing fire fighting services.

·    Inspect building fire extinguishers to ensure fully charged, operable and located at their specific designated places.

·    Inspect auxiliary power on emergency lighting to ensure normal operation.

·    Ensure that all stairway doors close properly, and stairwells are clean of debris.

·    Testing to be coordinated at the request of the Strata and will be held once during a 12-month time period.


 Ideal candidates will have a strong maintenance and operations background. Your ability to get the job done, while, at the same time, getting to know the Strata residents makes you the perfect candidate. Previous experience will include:

  • At least 1 year of cleaning/maintenance experience
  • Basic computer skills with the ability to use e-mail effectively
  • Ability to maintain daily log book
  • Experience as a handyman an asset
  • Worksafe BC Coverage
  • 2 million in Liability Insurance
  • You are a strong problem-solver and think on your feet, anticipating and diffusing situations, before they arise.
  • Previous experience, where an individual has been required to work an unconventional schedule at times, needing to be on-call, is a fit.
  • Basic construction, landscape and mechanical maintenance knowledge/training is required.
  • Must be able to maintain buildings and facilities and to operate required equipment and tools in a safe and responsible manner
  • Excellent time management skills; diligent and completes work in a timely manner
  • Effective verbal and written communication in English
  • Must have a vehicle and valid driver’s license


 ·         Cleaning/maintenance experience: 1 year (Required)

 ·         Building Caretaker: 1 year (Preferred)

Position Start Date

Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2019 with an anticipated start date of February 1, 2019