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RV Trip - Giveaway Pricing - $600 for TWO WEEKS

I am now pretty much giving away this RV trip for $600 (yes SIX HUNDRED dollars for up to two weeks - thats less than $43 per day!).  An amazing deal considering this trip and duration normally costs upwards of $3,000 (Well over $200 per day - you can look it up).  I was also able to get one of the premium vehicles for the trip, 1600 included kms, and other add-ons.  A special one-way deal only offered briefly last fall.  I paid over $1,100 via an amazing early season deal when I booked it.  So I am eating nearly 50% of the aready heavily discounted cost by offering it at $600.  :-(

How does an RV trip from Calgary to Vancouver sound? Last fall, I had purchased an amazing deal for my parents (~70% off usual price), but unfortunately they can't come due to unexpected health issue and the deal is non-refundable. The dates for the trip are May 14th (afternoon pickup in Calgary) and return to Vancouver on or before the morning of May 28th (so up to 14 nights on the road). Your friends or family can visit you in Rossland on their way through, after seeing places like Jasper, Banff, Golden, Revelstoke, Invermere, Kimberley, Cranbrook, Nelson etc. and the many beautiful points in between.

End of May is a great time for this trip, with no fires/smoke, still snow-capped peaks, warm valleys, rushing rivers and full-on summer in the Okanagan and on the coast.  Also likely your choice of camping spots along the way as it is before the big rush of summer tourists.

Text me at 250-Two-3-One-Zero-869 for further details




Lets make it an even 1K.  Yep ... thats $1,000 for two entire weeks all-in.

Now $1K for two weeks!

Price negotiable.  Text Two-3-One Zero-Eight-Sixty-9

You don't have to pick it up on May 14th, or drop off on May 28th.  You could pick it up sometime after May 14th and drop off on (or before) May 28th.  If you don't have two weeks to spare, maybe only a week of time for instance, it is still a very good deal.  That said, you can have it up to 14 nights if you have the time.  $1,000 obo.  Great for family and friends from out of province.

Now giving this trip away for $600 FOR UP TO TWO WEEKS.  Thats less than $43 per day for a premium RV people!  Normally, this RV would cost well over $200 per day.

Does it have to be May?

Yes.  Date for arrival in Vancouver cannot be moved.  Latest arrival in Vancouver is morning of May 28th.  If it could be moved, my relatives would be keeping it.