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Found Cat

Very friendly, young, tabby cat (orange and white). He has taken up residence on my deck on Earl st in lower rossland. Showed up yesterday and spent the evening.

Call / text 250-231-4983 to claim. 



Happy ending. Owner has collected kitty. 

This kitty seems to have gone "walk about" again.  He's at my office at 2132 Columbia Ave.

250 362-5274.

Yes, Mandy is missing again. If you see her please call/text 250-364-8555. Much appreciated. Caley

By credit union

Thanks for the info...We looked this am and couldn't find her in the downtown area where she was last sighted. Please call or text 604-376-4742 if you find her...

So is she found? she was trying to apprentice for me again yesterday on cook street. If you want some info feel free to call me. 

Hope she is all good


Marty 231-5335 

Found and returned to owner(s) neighbour as of Monday night :)