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MOLLY HAS BEEN FOUND!!! Thank you every one!!!

Oct 28......she‘s resting in her warm bed in her warm home !!!!


See picture of the areas where she was seen, comments from those who saw her are in this thread below. We hope to get the live trap here very soon and will continue to concentrate efforts in this area. Keep the positive vibes going!!! 

Thanks everyone. 





At 8 this morning I again heard a short bark that is not recognizable in the neighbourhood of Victoria, Nevada and BlackBear.  If anyone is out looking this morning perhaps look along the hydro line at the west end of Thompson that leads up to BlackBear.

After work I will walk the Davis, Union, Earl area.

I’ll be going up tomorrow early to check, then will come back late morning. She is a truffle dog so if anyone knows of any mushroom patches she might be attracted to in that area, please let us know!

My husband and I just walked the hydro line right of way from Dunn Cres to the west end of Thompson. Only saw two deer and one beer can that looked like eyes shining in my headlamp. We also did Nevada from Victoria to Leroi. Sadly nothing tonight. 

I think too we have to go back to where she was frightened from...the Louis Joe trail at Redstone drive. Experts say dogs will try to return to where they ran off. So, that will be a target for me to get on it and in behind the houses that are uphill on Redstone drive. 



Whimpering heard multiple times at the corner of Davis and Victoria. We are planting some familiar smells in that area. Please check your properties carefully!


I looked down Victoria, Davis, Queen to Union and up Louie Joe this morning.  There are lots of places I couldn't get to that could be a hiding place.  Sadly didn't hear anything.

My wife spent a few hours looking around all the lower town spots, finishing up at the works yard, and the trail to it from the museum. Nothing to report.


From a biker today:

I was biking up Malde creek FSR today and a white dog  ran across the road. It was in the distance and I only got a glimpse but the first thing that came to my mind was Molly the missing dog. Rounding the corner where I saw the dog run off the road I did not see any more of the dog and there were no potential owners on the road.

Did you hear the CBC radio spot on LEASH. Lost.... Skitterish Hounds. Can't remember the exactly spell out of the acronym. Anyways, it's this women in Manitoba who helps find dogs who are afraid of humans. Says that unless they are well socialized, they will view all humans as a threat. She doesn't even try and and approach the dog, but rather sets up a big live trap and lures them in with bacon grease and other goodies. Not sure what strategies have been in place, but thought I'd pass this on. Good luck, Molly and everyone. 

My buddy and I were riding and spotted a dog similar to this one on Thursday at 4:30 on Doukabour Draw trail between Drakes and Tamarack. This is the section of DD that was recently logged.

Only saw the dog for a few seconds then it was gone. Looked around for it but didn't see it again.

It was hanging out near the smouldering slash piles. Just west off the bottom of Malde FSR.

Hope you find your dog.



Fled says the the same thing about missing dogs .  They go into survival mode .  

A thought .... if that sighting on drakes is a lead , maybe take her food and pillow and the puppy recording and sit for awhile and see if the puppy noises will attract her , she definitely will be hesitant coming up to a person but if one is sitting on the ground on or near her pillow with food she just might come up and investigate and look for here babies .. .......

Thanks everyone. We are going to take her crate and blast a recording of her puppies crying in that area today to see if we can draw her out. 

Another thought ,  leave her crate out overnight, check it every few hours ..  I knew a person who's dog always took off in the fiorest when they were out and about , so what he did/does is leaves his coat on the spot , then comes back every once in awhile to find his dog on his coat waiting for him.  This might work for molly as well her crate is a place of safety,  I had a dog crate trained he loved it , a secure place ...

Went up tonight, got delayed with the wind storm. Sat by her crate with her puppies’ recording blasting by Tiger Main. Couldn’t stay too long since it was dark fast, but we have left her crate with liner at a nearby property in case she wanders through with a trail cam on it. Will go up tomorrow morning early and repeat!


May have seen Molly today, Oct 26 at 6:15 pm, right by the entrance to the South Belt Disc Golf course.

My dog and I went looking for her at Malde Ck. FSR, all around that smokey mess of a clear cut with no luck. On the way back my high beams swept something with a white tail about 40m. away, going into the bushes on the downhill side of the road.

Good luck.



Thank you Jorge, Wesley and pcjk for your reports of seeing Molly- we are hurting that area hard.












Thank you to all who helped and the entire community for the amazing support!

Allison MacLeod and her fast-running friends were quick-thinking, caring and awesome! 


Allison MacLeod and her fast-running friends were quick-thinking, caring and awesome! 


Whoohooo!  The best news ever !  Rossland rocks ! 

thank you all! 

Amazing news! 

Great effort Rossland. A huge success 

This makes me so happy!! Where was she found?

That is happy for you and especially for her.

we are so happy about this!! been wishing you all the good vibes!!

Great news.  Poor little girl, she's going to deserve lots of good treats, a super warm and comfy bed and lots of love.