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2 Bedroom Apartment, lower Warfield

Larger 2 bedroom apartment in lower Warfield.  Shared Fenced yard, pet friendly.  New bathroom, new kitchen, Tile floor, includes washer/dryer, fridge/stove. Til.  Off street parking, upstairs appt so some stairs.  Really ugly but spacious porch for storage or 'outdoor' smoking area.  $700/month, utilities not included.  Pictures to come or can be sent.  Call 250-368-8620 and ask for Ron

reposted Nov23,  Is available jan01, 2018

Town: Trail, BC

Hey Ron, I'm interested. When is this available? 

Hi Ron,

Is this place still available? Is it furnished?


Yes, just camee free again, tenants upstairs moved out of town and lower tenants are considering move upstairs.

not furnished, only washer. dryer, fridge, stove.


New tenant  was relocated here by his firm and now the business is closing.