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How do you do it In Rossland?

How do you cook a soft boiled egg in Rossland? We had our soft boiled eggs perfect back in Ontario, but have not figured out the magic time here. Any help would be appreciated.




I find that 4 minutes for a large egg works for me (when you start timing at start of boil). Being at a higher elevation, boiling can take a little longer, and use a little less yeast if you like baking.

Thanks Christy, I'll try it, although I am sceptical that 4 minutes will do it. We found that 6.5 minutes, closer to sea level, was the magic time. I assumed we would need to cook it longer at elevation.



The 4 min egg works for us too. Put the egg in cold water and bring to a boil. Start the timer for 4 mins when it starts to boil. drain and put in cold water. It took us a while but that’s been working for us :) good luck!

Have a rolling boil, set timer to 10 minutes, add eggs, keep on high heat till its boiling. When timer goes off, turn off burner. Wait ten minutes. Empty water

And you need an extra egg in your yorkshire puddings/popovers if you want them to rise at altitude!

Boil water, egg gently in, 5 minutes - perfect!

Our kids love soft boiled eggs with soldiers. i agree with Mitch - boil water, gently add egg and boil 5 min 30s. 

Give this a try:

- Grab a dozen eggs, then use a permanent marker to assign a number running from one to twelve. 

- Start your usual cooking method.

- Grab a piece of paper and pen, mark down the time you pull out egg number one.

- Take out each consecutive egg at whatever time you like, then mark down the time next to the egg number. 

That should let you nail it so it's perfect for you.


I find four and a half minutes perfect. I had one this morning. And as for baking, I weigh my flour which is far more accurate than measuring by volume. Good luck. 

BTW, if you're baking bread then don't cut down on the yeast. Reason is that bread dough is porous, and hereabouts the CO2 produced by the yeast goes through the crust all the faster due to low air pressure. So getting bread to rise is like pumping up a tire with a hole in it.

I find that the solution is to use plenty of yeast, but to cut proving times by a quarter.

I'll bhump this thread again, once I have tried one or two of your suggestions. Happy New Year!

Poached eggs are the future, anything else is like collecting hockey cards.

 I nerded it up one year and researched the best way to boil an egg.  

Apparently the best way is to put your eggs in right away and keep on the stove for 13 minutes, regardless of boil time. It works!