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Neighbour blowing snow onto road

I'm just wondering whether it is illegal or just plain antisocial to be blowing snow from one's yard onto the road?

It's a bright sunny morning and I observed a neighbour a few doors down blowing snow from his frontyard onto the public road (Redstone drive). Not just a bit but the clearing went on for at least 30min. Yes, true, the snow will melt soon enough but that sure is antisocial. With the current temperatures, the front yard snow down in Redstone will rapidly disappear... there isnt any real need for this?!

I'd call it anti-social if the snow was blown into your yard, driveway or face. Why does this bother you personally?

The city does have a by-law regarding this.

but don’t forget to love thy neighbor, and to not covet his wife.

I have a neighbor that does exactly the same thing. What bothers me is having to listen to him running his snowblower for a few hours each day when it has nothing to do with maintaining access to his property.

He is a grumpy old time Rosslander and city staff does not want to deal with him and quite frankly I don't blame them.

The bigger issue is the complete lack of respect and consideration for the environmental issues due to carbon output that we all will deal with in the coming years. Flys in the face of the Council declaration towards a carbon free city although I doubt that will ever happen.

Don't hold your breath for any help from the City on this one.

While there is a bylaw against it, I personally would only object if it were actually creating a hazard. That's the purpose of the bylaw - to avoid driving hazards and to not task the City crew with removing the same snow twice. 

You come across this sort of thing in all kinds of relationships, not just with neighbours, stuff that is irritating and seems illogical. But not having a civil relationship with one's neighbours can have a really detrimental effect on enjoying your home life. So I tend to pick my battles, only bringing up the stuff that is really important. And then work on reframing the rest, as in, "Hey, look at Bill out here moving his snow. He's so pumped about spring and being outside, he just can't wait. Good for him."  Maybe take a cold beer out to him later with one of your own and stand and chat. 

I know it's hokey but if it makes your life more pleasant, it can be worth it.

People in Rossland have done this for many many years(I was told it started with the Italians) They will also shovel their snow onto the road to aide with it’s melt.  We have an incredibly short spring and summer up in the mountains.  We're just trying to help get the most out of every season....and I suppose some people might not be as jazzed about the snow as others are, so they want it gone faster. 

Usually snow is removed to help prevent snow mold. Google it. Love your attitude Mondegreen

So Mondegreen it appears you dont feel climate change and the issues with environment are "really important" .............good attitude.

Mondegreen I meant your attitude about sharing a beer with your neighbour. 

A quote from that article roamryder linked to earlier.

'That doesn't mean that the use of a snowblower is causing you to be the green menace of the neighborhood. Remembering that this fact includes all small machines, including generators, lawn mowers, etc., that we utilize more annually than we do the humble snow blower, it's really just a small percentage across the board.'

I'm all in favour of saving the environment, but there's a prissy self-righteousness about some environmentalists that makes me want to ... I dunno, go open a coal mine or something.

I love too complain so let me get in here too and point out most everyone does pretty much everything wrong because of course i am perfect in everyway have no faults other than being to modest and have never made a mistake or failed and you can ask both my exwifes who will back me up on that! 

Pronto, I have to admit I share your perspective on this much of time. But in the same breath it may be reasonable for us all to have a look around and change past practice to help limit our carbon output. Especially simple things that can be done that have very little or no affect on living day to day.

If a reasonable person were to subscribe to this line of thought you would think that snowblowing your lawn would be pretty high on the list.

Or you could just wait for someone else to fix it. Pretty much like saying 'let her burn'.

The article gives an editorial opinion on usage but more importantly identifies an estimated carbon output.

I think environmental issues are of paramount importance. But I also believe that we make WAY more progress toward solving those issues by cooperating and listening than we do by attacking. I don't know the original poster so I didn't want to suggest this but another way of approaching this would be: "Hey, Bill, I could use the exercise and you could save the gas. How about if I shovel some of that snow for you instead?" What I'm talking about is establishing a relationship with your neighbour (or anyone) so you can, at some point, respectfully discuss the environmental impact of their actions. And LISTENING to them. It's possible they might have some suggestions right back. 

Wow.  Get over it.  It’s spring.  He’s cleaning

Wow.  Get over it.  It’s spring.  He’s cleaning