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Where can I buy clover seed?

Where can I buy clover seeds for lawn locally? Thanks!

The trick with clover is to chuck a bunch over your fence into your nabours yard. Then all the moles go over there because they love it. Then sit back and watch your beautiful green lawn grow. 

You can buy clover seed at Ellisons in Nelson - vaguely local.  The staff there are knowledgable about seasonal cover crops and alternatives to grass.  Mow what grows; it is all green :-)

Moles dig along lines of least resistence.  They are looking for bugs.  Moles do not eat plants. They are carnivores.  If you dig deep and till your beds, over aerate your lawn or over water moles will find it easy to burrow and easy food in the upper layer of soil.  Mole activity usually abades by late spring, early summer when the soil dries out.  Build soil up, on top of what you have and leave the subsoil undisturbed and moles will find somewhere else to dig.

Columbia greenhouse and Home hardware have both had it n the past.

and the best things about clover is it will be green when your grass has turned yellow!

I bought some from country roads in fruitvale last year