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Winter Warriors of Rossland! Lend me your advice!

Hey guys and girls,


I'm going to buy a snowblower this year and am curious if anyone can recommend a good make/model, and or recommend what make/model to avoid.

Preference to single stage vs 2 stage, engine size, tracked vs. not tracked, gas vs electric etc.  

Any input would be much appreciated.




The one in the picture is exactly what you would need.  We have a smaller version and it's been fantastic since the mid 90's


Can't go wrong with a Honda!

Thank you Prensen. That unit is $4K. the smaller unit is half the price. Does the smaller unit keep up with the snow we have here? perhaps the bigger one is on the overkill side?  Thanks

We have the 724 Honda that is plenty big enough for Rossland winters.

Hondas are definately pricey, but with routine maintenance, you can expect to pass it on to your kids.  The smaller ones will go just as deep as the larger ones, but you will need to make more passes for a given area.  The larger ones can be cumbersome to manouver in tight spots so consider your space.

"Must remember...snow blowing is not a real sport...yet" 

A smaller unit will work just fine. We have a 624 that's from the mid 90's and runs like a champ.  Does just fine in the snow just as lemur22 said takes more passes.  All depends on how big of space you're planning to snowblow. 

I work on everything on a regular basis.  Honda and Yamaha are the top of the snowblower world because of the quality of the parts.  You also pay big bucks for these brands.  For any machine it all depends on how you maintain it.  If you change the oil on a regular basis, keep the fuel clean and treat the fuel in the off season, and keep it out of the rain they will all last a long time.  Smaller Honda and Yamaha models will do the work of bigger machines of other brands.  Bigger machines are not always the answer because they burn more fuel and a much harder to move around.  The same is said for tracks vs wheels.  You can't pull a tracked machine backward like you can a wheeled machine.  You'll want a 2 stage machine unless you have paved driveway.



The single lever hydrostatic drive and joy stick chute control makes snow blowing easy and even fun. The track drive works great forward and reverse even on a steep driveway. Highly recommended.