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Dear Mayor of Rossland

Dear mayor of Rossland,

 I know it’s trying time of year, but as it snows a lot every year do you think the snow plow could clear our road at least once every 24 hours?


we all pay taxes and so we should all be treated the same. Since Sunday we have not seen a plow so come on, let’s see what our taxes pay for and please don’t say “ but this is a mountain town”



snowed - in


Don't you think you might get more action if you actually contacted the City works manager and asked about this? Darrin Albo's phone and email address is on the City website. 

Provide your address and I will check if and why this road has not been plowed. Our goal is to provide a good service. I can check our gps on the equipment and report back to you. The graders,blowers, and sand trucks will be out on Wednesday in the old part of town then Thursday,Friday downtown, Redstone, and red mountain area.

Darrin Albo

operations manager 

City of Rossland 

Dear Santa, 

I hope this letter finds you well. I've been pretty good this year. Sometimes I post sarcastic things on the internet, but I try to make up for it by saving puppies and letting people back out of parking spaces onto Columbia. I would like a new fridge. Preferably stainless steel with freezer on the bottom. 

Thank you! Say 'hi' to the reindeer for me.