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SPOTLIGHT Theatre Creation Camp and performance

March 26 to 30 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Spotlight Theatre Creation Camp Showcase

Saturday, March 30 at 4 pm

The BaileyTheatre

Using their own experiences, students participating in this week's Spotlight Creative Theatre Camp have created short pieces inspired by their own life based on the theme of superheroes.

Led by instructor, theatre director and actor Bessie Wapp, with help from Alisha Van Wieren, the students, aged between 12 and 17 years old, will perform a showcase of the work they have developed during the week.  

The performance is based on pieces that have been workshopped and are works in progress.

Entry by donation.


Life a bit dramatic?  Or, deadly dull? 

Use the experiences that moved you to tears or boredom to create a wealth of material for theatre!

Join instructor, theatre director and actor Bessie Wapp for a week-long Spring Break performance creation camp in Trail.  

At the camp you will:

 - explore various performance techniques including elements 

of movement, voice, acting, writing/play-building and stagecraft.

-  create short pieces inspired by your own life experience, and 

- perform your creation on stage at the Bailey Theatre!

Spotlight is only open to students 13-18-years old.

This week-long camp is only $75!


Town: Trail, BC
Venue: The Bailey Theatre
Address: 1501 Cedar Ave., Trail