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Kindly refrain from feeding people's dogs!

I am not generally one to use the internet to vent, but I have run out of options. I hope this may reach some of the individuals I am hoping to reach.

PLEASE, kindly refrain from feeding dogs you do not know. Carrying treats around in your pocket for the purpose of feeding them to other people's dogs is NOT OKAY! This happens regularly on my personal property, and far too often on the trails. PLEASE ASK FIRST! If there is no one around, then it is a default "no". Not all dogs can handle all ingredients.

I live downtown and have an inaccessible backyard in the winter, so my dog spends time out front on occassion. I would prefer not to do this because she is fed treats by people passing by more than I care to know. I have spoken to those I have seen, some of who continue to do it anyway. 

This practice of certain community members has resulted in my not-so-joyful participation in cleaning up dog vomit, and coming home from work to diarrhea splatter painted all over the kitchen on more than one occasion. 

If you so badly desire the attention and affection of a loving creature, please take the extra time to share your love and affection and develop a genuine relationship with them. Trust me when I say, that is where the beauty and the magic is!

Please share if you feel called to it.

I’m ok with the 100% of Folks I’ve bumped into that first ask me if it’s OK 2 give my Pup a treat. Sorry to hear that you have had a diffrent experience.

Thanks for the reply. There are many who do ask, and I am grateful for that! In this case, I believe the location of my home has a lot to do with it. I love my energetic, exhuberant child, but I certainly understand that my dog would need a reprieve from time to time, which currently, is right out front where people pass by. For a very social dog, this is wonderful because there are many pats to be had. Just need the treats and proceeding tummy troubles to come to a close.


Have been a dog owner for eons.  Never enountered someone who offer treats without asking.  Sorry to hear about your experience  Maybe post a sign.  No treats for Fido.

Thank you for posting this. This happened last week where a friendly woman gave my dog a treat without warning. My dog doesn't have tummy troubles, but she does have food aggression around other dogs, so it really set her off. Please don't give treats to dogs you don't know.

I have posted signs, spoken to individuals directly and I continue to witnessed several individuals feeding my dogs too. My dogs also stay out front and enjoy the pats from many who go by. I have seen whole raw fish, liver and other uncooked organs, other meat products like pepperoni etc. Although, I believe these are well intended people I would prefer that no one fed my dogs either. I dont feed them these kinds of foods myself and one of them has a sensitive stomach. Please kindly stop feeding my dogs too! Or ask at at the very least. Thank you for making this post!

Unfortunately, I see problems with your rant...

1) you believe you’re entitled to have your dog outside off leash and unattended - dogs being off leash in the city of Rossland is prohibited by bylaws.

2) you dont seem to understand that dogs are hunters and foragers by nature - unless thoroughly trained not to take snacks from anyone but you, your dog is going to eat whatever smells good at the time!

3) you are responsible for everything your dog does. You took this on. If your dog bites a child, you’re legally liable. If your dog eats something it shouldn’t, and you weren’t there to stop it - you’re responsible for the consequences, just like you’re responsible for it’s quality of life, which seems to be impacted by this situation - think about all the emotions your dog probably has while it’s bowels are exploding all over the house... shame, fear, upset, sick.

I also see solutions...

1) don’t let your dog out unattended.

2) leash it, put a muzzle on it - muzzles are a great way to stop your dog from eating things it should not.

3) take responsibility. This is your fault for letting your sensitive dog outside without you - it can’t defend itself against  friendly humans wanting to give it something that smells and tastes delicious at the time.

4) train your dog not to take food from anyone but you... it can be done.

I appreciate your feedback. This happens when my dog is leashed and only able to reach as far as the front of the property. I'm afraid you have made an assumption.

The rest of your suggestions (training not to eat from anyone else, and muzzle training) I am currently in the process of doing. These changes do not happen overnight. As for my dogs emotional state when having an accident in the house, I absolutely agree, as that is very much what occurs. 

I hope that the next time you decide to "put someone in their place", you ask relevant questions before accusing ignorance, entitlement and lack of accountability.

perhaps before you rant on the internet next time you’ll take a look at your own responsibilities.

Its your dog. Therefore it’s wellbeing is your responsibility. Its your responsibility to protect it from harm. The point is, YOU can prevent this very easily. This is a choice you’re making that is subjecting your dog to harm. I’m not putting you in your place, simply reminding you that you took on A dog, which includes making choices to protect it - you can’t change that it’s sensitive to certain foods, but you can control what it has access to.

If dogs were being stolen from their yards in our area, would you still leave yours out unattended?? I know I wouldnt, but then again, my dog is my responsibility and I make choices to keep her safe from potential harm.


@eebakina Are you serious? Danielle’s dog is tied up in her yard. Sounds like passers by are trespassing to gve her pooch a pat and a treat....which humans are at fault?

Danielle is being kind and respectful. A far cry from what usually happens on bhubble.

Id say your comments are going beyond calling out, as Danielle politely mentioned. You are being rude.

@Danielle Hopefully people stop feeding your dog - they are at fault here, not you.


No! The point is, if you’ve already spoken to people and they’re obviously not willing to change, then you have to be willing to make the necessary changes to protect the thing you love.  You can’t fix everyone else or how they decide to behave... 

Danielle, I’m sorry for my earlier remarks, they were poorly thought out. I understand your situation, you feel stuck, I’ve been there too, and it put me in a position where I had to choose to no longer allow my dog in her own fully fenced backyard alone, because people would walk home from the bar and vomit or discard half eaten sandwiches and cigarette butts over the rail from the sidewalk into my yard. I had to supervise her every minute she was outside, for her own good. If she ate something that had fallen into my yard that made her really sick, I’d be devastated!

I’m also asthmatic, and one of my triggers is 2nd hand cigarette smoke. I can’t plead with people or straight out tell them to stop smoking, but I can adjust my direction, cross the street, or wait for the smoke to clear rather than exposing myself to it and causing an attack preventing me from breathing. I can control this, sometimes it’s awkward and inconvenient, but I’d rather be breathing as much as I’d rather not be cleaning up diahorrea in my house.

In either situation, I can’t change what the other people are doing, but I can change what I do. Sometimes it’s hard. But it’s always worth it. Prevention is always better than cure. I choose to own (or take responsibility for) these things, because if I don’t play part in controlling the risks in my life, I’ll be devastated by the consequence of them actually happening. 


Clearly you are never wrong, so I am going to bow out. I hope that your aggressive style of communication continues to serve you well in the future. As for this evening, I am going to spend my time at home with my doggie, with the doors locked, repeating the mantra "Trust No One!"

@eebakina We literally posted at the same time. I accept your apology. And I hear you!


I also want to apologize for my reactive sarcasm. Thank you for your openness in sharing where you were coming from. I gave me context and a much greater ability to relate to you. Sadly, I will be keeping my dog inside at all times and out for hikes only, when she can be accompanied. I have certainly made the mistake of not tying her up on occassion and I take full responsibility for those times. I see the need to adjust again. Thanks again for your transparency and willingness to change the tone of this conversation.

Thank you for the feedback, everyone. I have some ideas as to how I'm going to move forward in the future.

Another experience with this: 

I had to post a sign on my fence for people to please not feed my dog. I'm desperately trying to help him lose some weight and it doesn't help when many people who walk by feed him. I also found traces of raw liver, chicken parts, etc. in my yard. 

Please note: my dog is inside a very large yard with a sturdy six foot fence around it. He has a dog door so he can go in and out at his choice (I know, I am really lucky to have such a perfect set up for him). 

The exception for me is one woman who walks by every day and has since he was a puppy. He adores her and she him. He waits at the window every day for her and she sings to him and pets him lots. My solution was to give her a bag of his special, lower-calorie treats and tell her that SHE is the exception to the sign on the fence. 

But, really - no one should be feeding other people's dogs without permission. You have no way of knowing the health of the dog or their temperment. 

I love animals, especially dogs, but I've never fed someones dog while casually walking around. I can see if they're abandoned, lost or starving, definitely, but just feeding someone elses dog..? hmm. 


Thank you for sharing your story! This is a beautiful example of creative problem solving that still allows our social creatures to be social. It really is such a vital part of their well  and happiness!

** Well being and happiness. Part of that got cut off for some reason.