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Free Lacrosse Camp

March 9 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

FREE Try-It camp

Everyone is welcome at the camp, including new players wanting to try the sport and experienced players looking to refresh their skills for the start of the season.

What you need to bring to the camp: 
- good runners
- helmet with full cage
- hockey or lacrosse gloves

If your player does not have a stick, West Kootenay Minor Lacrosse Association will provide loaner sticks for the players to try the camp.

To register for the camp, please contact our registrar by email at

Information on league play will be available at the camp. Nelson is in our catchment area.

Town: Nelson, BC
Venue: Selkirk College Gym
Address: 301 Frank Beinder Way, Castlegar British Columbia V1N 4L3