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The Best Songs & Stories of White Buffalo Storytelling

April 26 7:30 to 9:30 pm

A chance to hear first-hand, real stories from real people and connect with them.

This event features the best storytellers of our 2018/19 season telling true short stories around the themes of Scary Stories and Stories of Immigration!

Relax and enjoy a drink and fabulous desserts by Hooper’s Bakery. 

Also joining us will be a selection of our best local singer-songwriters performing original songs!


Hosted by Nadine Tremblay.




Alisha McLean

Dennis Senegal

Anita Bressanutti

Mike Davis

Shemmaho Goodenough

Phil Loosley

Paul Harvey



Peter Reed 

Brad Mackay

Dave Scanlan


Tickets: $20 (desserts included in ticket price)


Don't miss out on tasty treats and tales!




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Town: Trail, BC
Venue: Muriel Griffiths Room at The Bailey Theatre
Address: 1501 Cedar Ave.