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Free Talk : Stress and Your Hormones with Ives Natural Health

April 27 2:00 to 3:30 pm

Madhu Collective has graciously sponsored this event with their space.

::: Stress & Your Hormones Workshop:::

How the seen and unseen causes of stress affect our bodies and how to balance your HPA Axis Function

****This is a free workshop, and has always filled up fast. Please claim your seat by emailing ***

A free introductory workshop including:

How to balance hormones naturally

How hormone imbalances relate to Osteoporosis, PMS, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Premature Aging, Depression, Hot Flashes, Weight Gain, Feeling Unable to Cope, Loss of Libido, Insomnia, Chronic Pain and More

How to uncover hidden stress in the body

How Diet, Lifestyle, and Botanicals create the capacity for the body to be in optimal health.

How to get a Comprehensive Hormone Assessment & Customized Hormone Therapy

Saturday April 27th

If this peaks your interest, email to claim your seat!


Chandler McMurray-Ives (founder of Ives Natural Health) is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, registered through AFDNP. In her practice, she educates her clients on how to heal their chronic health conditions, including fatigue, digestive issues, and hormone imbalance. She uses biochemical functional lab interpretation, deep food nutrition, lifestyle, and potent proven supplemental support to optimize function, allowing the body to heal root causes that are making her clients chronically ill.

Town: Rossland, BC
Venue: Madhu Wellness Collective
Address: 2070 Washington Street Rossland BC