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Voice and Piano Teacher

Audrey Bisset will be accepting new students for the Fall 2019/winter 2020. 

Audrey has trained in Classical Vocal Technique since a very young age and teaches using the Vaccai Method.  Students learn through this method the proper pronunciation of vowels to produce pitch well and learn to develop a discerning ear as to what is a correct pitch, no matter what musical style they sing.  Muscle memory , practice and a fun lighthearted environment are keys to learning to sing well and properly.  

   I have personally studied with Audrey for several years and she is incredible with her students.  It is incredibly fun and challenging.  She can help the most anxious singer overcome stagefright and the most confident singer explore their abiliites more fully.  She loves her students and she gives endlessly to each and every student.

    Students can be young or adult .  Students are expected to be able to commit until the spring for lessons for their own growth and development and for financial reasons to support her small business.  So many do not know this incredible talent that we have in our community.  Students are also encouraged to learn to perform at Christmas and in the Spring for their own families and other students to gain confidence.  There is also the opportunity to enter musical festival with her support.

Contact or 250 231 3162