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Unscriptured: Travis Bernhardt

January 17 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Travis Bernhardt never ceases to amaze as a magician, mentalist or improv comedian. With Unscriptured, Travis leaves stage magic behind to amaze us instead with a church service developed from an initial audience suggestion.

"Travis Bernhardt is a force to be reckoned with in this brilliantly ‘unscriptured’ show…If you see one show this fringe let it be this one…a show well worth the ticket price." –Alexandra Dawkins, Vue Weekly Edmonton

Improvised on the spot, with prompts from his audience, Bernhardt skillfully leads his makeshift congregation down a path of adlibbed hymns, prayers and scripture in order to explore the human condition.

Bernhardt takes the best parts of public devotion — friendship, hope and joining together in song — without the judgement and damnation, to create a singularly joyful experience.

So, get ready to create your own church by suggesting your own passions, making up songs, and generally having fun in your new community!

Enjoy the small club atmosphere of The Griff for an up close artistic experience enjoyed with a beer or wine in our cabaret style setting.

Unscriptured, Pick of the Fringe Vancouver 2018.

Unscriptured is an incredibly clever twist on the improv tradition, taking audience cues to form a completely new religion on the spot.” –Sophie Pinkoski, Vue Edmonton

"Bernhardt is an intuitive and wildly talented performer. With Unscriptured, he eschews his usual stage magic to explore...a spontaneously-created church service. And it’s BRILLIANT.” ★★★★★ –Melanie Tromp Hoover, Check The Program, Victoria

The Muriel Griffiths Room. General Admission Seating. 

Regular Admission $22 advance / $24 on door (if tickets remain)

May contain some adult themes. Children should have their parents consent to attend.

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Town: Rossland, BC
Venue: The Bailey Theatre
Address: 1501 Cedar Ave. Trail,