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Broken Goat 50k/25k/12k

July 20 5:00 am to 8:30 pm

The 50k & 25k courses follow the 7 Summits trail which is a spectacular point to point single-track traverse of the Rossland Range. It is challenging, adventurous, has spectacular views and is a true epic experience, making it the crown jewel of the Rossland trail network. The race starts at an elevation of 1574m and 50k runners will summit 4 peaks along the way and 2 ridges varying in elevation & peaking at Old Glory Mountain at 2376m. 25k runners will summit 1 peak and 1 ridge with elevation peaking at Mount Plowman at 2241m. The entire 12k course & Vertical Climb takes place on Red Mountain which peaks at 2072m at the summit.

The weekend is filled with epic trail running, craft beer, amazing food and great company - all of this is set around the majestic mountains of this quaint Kootenay town.

*All distances are sold out!*