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Thanks City workers!!!!!

 I want to thank the city employyes for doing such a fantastic job during this last huge snow fall. I noticed the roads looked great!! 

I was watching from my window when the plow truck driver went out of his way to help an elderly person struggling to get to their vehicle in the deep snow. It was above and beyond as he wasnt really even plowing that part of the street. These are the kinds of things we dont notice with our city workers that they do on a regular basis.

Good job everyone!!

 and Thank you.

I was out before the ploughs to shovel out my parking spot, when the city guys came by they were considerate enough to spin the chute on the blower so that my driveway stayed clean. The care and attention is appreciated and noticed.

The city workers do a really good job on both the streets and the sidewalks, and also communication. There's the odd complainer who will find something to go on about regardless, but at least most of us don't have that problem. This is not an easy place to look after in wintertime with the storms and the hills and the parking, and I appreciate the city crews.

Yup, and Big ups to Bob and friends for their contribution with the bobcats too!!

I agree - a big Thank You for the great job they do in my area!

Yes, Bob and the boys are doing great.