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Kudos to the Rossland Fat Biking Community

There has never been a better time to enjoy some fat biking around Rossland.  The huge selection of trails are nicely groomed and in great shape.  

Thanks to the crew for maintaining the trails!

Here is some video from a few of the trails:


Eddie J

Larry's to Moe's

Blue Elephant

View them all here



Further proof that Rossland is a biking town with a skiing problem.

Groom Zoom!

what organization takes donations? where can one find info on when trails are groomed?

Check at Revolution Cycles. There's memberships available and you can make a donation.The groomer is down at the moment for some repairs but there are people organising to snowshoe the trails and keep them open.

There's also the Fatbike Kootenay Facebook group with info.