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GMRS radios

Does anyone know if there is a GMRS radio club or group in Rossland, Trail or Castlegar?


My husband has one of those little hand held radios that he takes skiing or when Xcross country skiing.  On the face of it it says GMRS/FRS.  Is that what you are talking about?

Tanier, the GMRS/FRS radios are great for local neighbourhood communications.  The problem is, they are restricted to a 1/2 watt of broadcast power in Canada.   The GMRS/FRS are those little radios that you buy in the bubble pack pairs at Wal Mart or possibly Best Buy in Canada.  Regardless, they should be a manditory part of a survival kit.

The only way to explain how a GMRS and FRS radio works and differ, I would need to sit down and explain everything in a way a casual user would understand.