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Valentino Sandals Sale orthopaedic

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Michel's sons, Montague, Henry and Leon, joined the business in the 1890s and began to supply new and rebuilt machinery.The company also supplied other equipment such as shoe lasts, clickingboards and shoeracks.The company started to supply specialist leather for orthopaedics in the 1920s, in the wake of World War I, when there was a great demand for artificial limbs and Valentino Sandals Sale orthopaedic appliances.After 1950, this part of the business became central to the company due to a combination of factors, and it became a major supplier to firms contracted to supply the NHS.They also supplied leather to bespoke shoe makers in the West End of London and other cities.David Michel, after leaving school, having first taken courses in leather and footware manufacture, joined the business in the late 1930s (but was interrupted by six years service until 1946) and inherited his grandfather's business in 1951, when his father died.The family name continuesBy 1951, George's grandson David Michel inherited the business and in 1970 it moved to Purser Road to make way for the building of the Grosvenor Centre and Greyfriars Bus Station.In 1983 it became a limited company for the first time and then on David Michel's retirement in 1987 it was sold to United Leather.Some years later it was acquired by the WhitmoreBacon Group and one of its subsidiaries traded under the name until the end of 1998.

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