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Are there other people with Crohns out there , interested in getting together?

Hi all, I've been meaning to put this out there for many years and finally have the courage to do so.

I am wondering if there are other folks around town who also have Crohns that would be interested in getting together to share stories, diets, what's working for them, or just to vent on the horribleness of this disease?

I was diagnosed at 15, and when I was a teenager I was part of a Crohns support group of other teenagers who had it, and it was an awesome / super helpful group to be a part of even if just to not feel alone and to talk to others going through the same challenges. I'm curious if there are others with the Crohns around the area that would be interested in getting togehter and starting a similar group? If that thought interests you,  get in touch by email or feel free to text 250-231-9878.

Thanks, and have a great day,