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Climbing and bouldering co-op: looking for interested people.

Hello - I am looking to start a bouldering co-operative here in Rossland.

The idea would be that we pool together our funds/holds etc. and create a bouldering space for use by the co-op members. I have an idea for a space here in town, what we need is enough people to make it viable.

The cost would end up being around $40-50 a month, less if we got more people.

I'm looking for around 15-20 people to get things going - if you are interested in joining the co-op please email me at


Hi Oliver,

The Youth Action Network space is working on a community bouldering wall project. You should defintely talk to Kristen at YAN:

It also might be worth joining and posting on this FB forum page; there could be like-minded people there as well.


I'm in. Would love to have this in town.


There's so many climbers in town that I can't believe it would be that hard to get going.



Hey are you open to wood hand holds? I can arrange many species of wood. Alot of salvage. I hand craft each hold To spec. 

An update on the bouldering wall initiative. 10 of us have met last night and we have some action items. I have started a Google group for discusison of any topic relating to the climbing wall at the below URL. If you would like to join you can head to:!forum/rosslandclimbs

(requires a Google account. you can create one here)