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Anyone use V media for internet in Rossland!?

wondering if anyone uses v media for home phone internet or tv. Wondering what your experience is with them.-Thanks

I use light speed it like 45 bucks a month 

This is not exactly what you asked but I thought I would throw it out there in case you wanted other options. I use:

Lightspeed for cable internet:

and I have used Teksavvy for dsl (phone) internet before I went to lightspeed

and I use voipmuch for a landline:

and I use Shaw Direct (LTSS Digitial Light Package) for TV

I pay (tax in):

Internet: $44.75 per month for 75 down/7 up unlimited bandwidth (one year contract to start but only $40 to break).

Phone: $10.58 per month for unlimited local and free long distance (US and Can exc Haw, Al, NWT, Yuk and Nun) along with every addon that I know of (Voice messaging, blacklisting, call forwarding, caller id, etc, etc).

TV: $22.40 per month but I don't know if shaw offers this anymore


All cable internent comes over Shaw lines to your house and dsl comes via Telus no matter which company you use (satellite excluded but that has its own issues). If you don't have a Telus home phone there will often be dry loop charges for dsl. There are some disadvantages to LIghtspeed but I am a very happy customer.

VOIP phone service is not as clean as Telus or Shaw due to the technology of sending calls over the internet. Again we are mostly satisfied but there are occasional issues. You need to have a backup for 911 calls such as cell phone. VOIPMuch offers 911 but it is more convoluted than Telus.

The TV package includes most of the sports channels plus a lot of HD. It has more channels than their "skinny" package.

For internet you will have to buy (or lease) a modem. For VOIP phone you will need an Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA). I was able to port my local number to VOIPMuch but I am not listed in the phone book. I invested in a small UPS to keep my phone working during a blackout however your phone must (obviously) work without wall power. 

Hope this helps a bit.