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A Local Farmers Market

When I was young a ‘Farmer’s Market’ had no fancy booths. Stationwagons and Pickups would Park and drop their tailgates. When they were sold out, they drove away. With all the locally grown produce, especially plums and apples, I would like to see a truly local farmers market where Rosslander could take their extra half dozen boxes of apples or gigantic zucchini and sell/give them to someone who has a use for them. The ‘fee’ if any should be very low and the organization minimal. The parking area near the museum would be a good spot. 

Any interest?

I'm interested in supporting the current farmers market as I believe it is well run and organized. I don't believe the fee is that much if you wanted to join in and sell what you've grown from the back of your truck (like many others are doing) I doubt you would be turned away.
The "fancy" booths you're talking about are just vendor tents to protect the products for sale and the customers buying them from rain- as far as I can remember almost every market day this year it has rained. Those tents allow people to stand underneath and have shelter while they exchange stories and goods.

If you don't appreciate the hard work of the people who organize our market and would rather things be like when you were young that's a very negative way to live, this "things were better back in my day" attitude isn't something I can get behind or support - I'd rather be happy and present in our commnunity.

Well, the ‘present’ is what you make it be. Don’t try to ‘age shame’ me. I have a valid perspective and a voice!

I don’t see this idea as conflicting with the current market. They took an old idea and formalized it such that the semi-professional vendors have a forum to sell their wares. That is fine. This would be a short term market for local people who have no interest in ongoing sales; just a bit of extra produce to sell/gift around this time of year. In fact, if the current market was able to include such a group that might work - but not many people want to pay or sit around for hours just to give away six boxes of apples or a dozen zucchini.

You say ‘many others‘ are selling their produce from the back of their truck. I dont see that much at the current market. Rather, these are people, from our region but mostly from out of town, who have an ongoing presence. I don’t have a problem with that, but it is different than the model I am suggesting.

Why not just pay the 1 off payment to be part of the community and sell your extra produce at the market that is organized for this exact reason?

100% in support of what AMOON says.

Starting a new market will greatly jeopardize the current market, which is very well organized. Like mentioned, tents are necessary....they protect everyone’s product. Also, the last time I checked fees were only $15, which are some of the lowest fees in the Kootenays, and the province.

If you have free fruit or veggies, why not ask the market if you can set up a table for free to give stuff away? I hardly think they would charge you for that.

As an FYI, did you know that the market runs a coupon program where low income residents receive free vouchers every week to shop at the market? It’s one of the many epic things the community is supporting when we support the market. In a time when it sounds like the market needs all the support it can get, starting a new market would kind of be a slap in the face.

Well I see tons of produce going to waste in the community. Apples and plums discarded or left lying on the ground for animals. Vegetables put in compost piles. If the present market can be adapted to accommodate locals who want to pass that food on rather than dispose of it or discard it then I would support such a move. That certainly does not appear to be the ’very reason’ the market was organized. If it was, great, but they seem to have drifted away from that.

The market as it stands appears to be a commercial venture for the vendors and I doubt those vendors would be very happy having free or extremely cheap produce available. As I have said, I don’t oppose the current market but it doesn’t seem to be addressing the issue of passing on truly local produce in a very effective way. Maybe a discussion like this will generate a few ideas about the best way to make that happen.

Great idea re distribution of unwanted/unneeded produce..

Surely the easiest way, is to do as others have done, and post up on bhubble..quick, simple with a wide audience..

Want to catch more folks? a note on the boards near the post office, or at the credit union.


You pick, or U-Pick? We all win :)

I believe being able to distribute extra produce for free should be encourage at the Rossland Mountain Market. Any ''non-profit organization'' is free of charge to participate at the market. It is also possible, to park your truck facing that cornered Parking lot and have the back open for business. I would suggest contacting the Rossland Mountain Market to run it through them if you haven't already done so: 

Best of luck.