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Best internet provider in Rossland, telus?or shaw?

Any feedback would be appreciate. Thanks! runs over shaw cable and is the cheapest solution by far. You have to buy your own modem but their prices for modems are competitive. Make sure that Shaw will connect you before you buy the modem. If you have existing shaw internet or cable tv then it should not be a problem. RIght now the cost is about $40 per month for 75 down/7.5 up buth there are a number of other options. I have been with them for just about 2 years and they are just as reliable as Shaw.

You might consider:

I have had good service from them! 

My wife has a telus email that she is stuck on.

I believe last time I checked you could keep your Telus email if you moved...but you had to pay something like $7 a month to do so.

Shaw hands down for speed. 

plus with shaw you get Shaw Go WiFi which pretty much gets you  internet in  rossland and trail for free with laptops/phones (saves on data!)

Shaw has been reliable, and ok service (wait times on phone, just like Telus).  But if you want to save on data, then their go wi-fi has been useful at times, all over BC.  However it is often slow depending on where you are (using data faster sometimes, so in reality I didn’t really use the go wifi as much as I thought I would).  So I left and went with Teksavvy -same service and speed, and half the price, and better customer service.