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Lightspeed internet - modem / referral

Im hoping to make the switch to lightspeed.

Anyone using lightspeed have comments on the modem they are using?


I'm also looking for a referral code from someone who recommends the service.



Hey there,

i’m using the lightspeed-provided hitron cgn wifi capable modem (For up to 75 gbps service). It does the job, but unfortunately it doesn’t support dual 2.4/5 ghz signals. I’m now considering buying a separate router for 5 ghz support as i’ve found there are issues streaming video over the 2.4 ghz band. Definitely advise spending the extra buck a month to get the better router (even if your plan isn’t the max speed). 

if you want to use my referral code it’s 47265

no problems with the service so far, it’s fast and cheap!

I'll suggest otherwise here: get the cheapest modem they offer that does NOT have wireless. And just connect a router to it. This way you have more control and options regarding how you want to manage your internet access, and no issue with speed.

I second the seperate modem/router approach. There is a slight cost increase but you will get more feature choice with a seperate router and you will save money if one of them fails. I have a Technicolor modem purchased from Lightspeed and I regularly exceed my 75 Mbps download speed.

I have been with them for two years and the only outages have been at the same time shaw was down so it likely wasn't Lightspeed. Make sure that Shaw will connect you before you purchase the modem. I know someone who bought a modem and then had Shaw refuse to connect because it would have been a new installation (he didn't have shaw before).

Thanks for the helpful advice