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Hi Rosslanders...Can someone confirm that Starbucks is going into Ferarros? 

Please tell me it isn't true?

I heard it was.  I'm shocked.  Really wouldn't want to see one here. 

Is there constuction happening?   I was there yesterday and didn't notice anything.   Hard to imagine they would do this. 

One thing is for certain: There is no stopping them; the Starbucks will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new caffeine overlords. I'd like to remind them that as a trusted Bhubble personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

Well, this reporter was...possibly a little hasty earlier and would like to...reaffirm his allegiance to this country and its human president.

May not be perfect, but it's still the best government we have.

For now.

Orange Mocha Frappuccio!!

Vote on this using your feet, if you truly do not support this then shop somewhere else to show how you feel

Some solid information would be useful. Otherwise: No plastic bags, but disposable cups. Not sure we're moving forward here.

If Starbucks is coming, then I'm sad for the local businesses, who will no doubt lose out somewhat to Orange mocha frappucino.

Yes, there's the jobs argument, but most likely minimum wage. Will teenagers living at home work there, or will Starbucks contributing to our housing problem?

And then, loss of the town's individuality and character. If this happens, then yes, I'm voting with my feet.


Had a bizarre dream, nightmare, I woke up and read Bhubble and they were talking about Starbucks coming here. gulp. Would be really nice if we could sometimes, once in a while, maybe, perhaps, keep things as they are... it's not always about money. Actually, it is... so sad... :( 

 That’s it…the necessary levels of emotional hysterics duly required here are beyond reach of the nearest disposable bucket, so chillin that inner screen warrior and signin up for that yoga class maybe should ease the pain…and then…just sublime on over for a whiff of those monkey dropped, truly organic, hand sorted and man bun made triple Orange Mocha Frappsz. 



more money = more skiable terrain = more publicity = more people = more money = more Starbucks = more money = more a**holes = less afforable housing = less parking = less unique small town = a small version of whistler blackcomb! Ya reap what ya sow, Merry Christmas!

Rossland sucks, tell all your friends

In the interest of information instead of rumour, I phoned Ferraro's today. Nothing has been decided yet. Starbucks wants to get into Rossland and they have given Ferraro's first chance at housing them. 

NOW is our opportunity to push back, folks! I'm not sure exactly how to proceed or what can be done, but let's do it!


I just sent a letter to the mayor and councillors asking what can be done. I'll update when I hear back.

NOT that I think that is the only means of action. It might be good to put out a survey to see how much support for or against Starbucks there would be in town.

(not that I want them here at all but it seems to me that the ski hill base would be an acceptable alternative; at least they would be in town)

Thanks for checking into that Sue. I wonder if Starbucks would try to rent out the building where Fuel used to be. Just starting a rumour here.

I also wonder what power council has to prevent Starbucks from coming here. As long as it meets requirements, can they say no just because they don't want it?

I personally don't see a problem with a Starbucks being here.  Why not? It's not like everyone goes there or even likes their coffee.  

@Carol  - I'm not too sure. I seem to remember that sometime in the past, council had decided to not issue business licenses to chain stores/restaurants but this is a vague memory. 

@Charity - probably my main concern is the impact it would have on local coffee shops. We have Alpine Grind, the Goldrush, the coffee shop at the hotel and Hooper's. They are all locally owned businesses which means the dollars we spend there stay in our community. 

Not to be all snooty but one of the nicest things about our downtown area (like Nelson's) is that each shop is distinct and local (with the exception of Subway). Because of that, our town has a particular character. Chain stores lead to a homogenization of goods and services that takes away (in my opinion) from that character. I think there is a time and place for chain stores and, in large population centres, it doesn't impact nearly as much. But in a downtown area as small as Rossland's? I think it would. 

Of course, that is just one person's opinion and I respect that other people may love chain stores. the Fuel location, I would doubt it because of the size? Seems like it would be a lot bigger than is warranted by the population. Most of the time, I think Starbuck's likes to tag along other businesses, rather than having stand alone properties, except in larger cities.


Really, you're kidding.  We have superb coffee places already which are lovely ..... if you need a Starbucks fix go to Trail.  We don't want one here in Rossland.  We're small town folk not high rollers from the city.  

 from:  ROSSLAND COUNCIL CONNECTS  November 2019 Issue #51

  “Council would like to invite any interested Rosslander to help us organize a Welcome to Rossland event. Our community is very attractive to newcomers, and Rossland has a history of being a warm and inclusive place.”

Thank the Prophet for this Xmas miracle.

I had a conversation recently with a visitor who asked me where she could get a coffee in town. I said unfortunately your choices are fairly limited; you've only got - Seven Summits Coffee Company, The Alpine Grind, Gabriella's and Subway. For a town of a few thousand people, it clearly isn't enough.

All hail Starbucks, who will save us from our caffeine desert.

Worth noting: perks and  benefits, working at Starbucks Canada:


Don’t forget the Mountain Nugget Chocolate Factory when you need your espresso fix! Or Clancy’s. 

Part of the charm of Rossland that makes it so unique (and arguably superior, lol) to other ski towns, e.g. Revelstoke, Whistler, the lack of big chain stores in an ugly strip mall as you enter the town.