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Do you commute to Trail on ebike?

Looking for recommendations on commuting to Trail on an ebike. Highway or wagon road? Suspension or none? Cargo bike? Looking for recommendations and suggestions. Haven't bought a bike yet but will be looking to get one in the spring. 

I've commuted on the highway and wagon road by road bike, mt bike and ebike.  My preference is to ride down the highway (its fun cruisng down that fast and at speed with traffic feels safe) and ride back up the wagon road, if I have time (coming back up the highway is faster).  

On our Cube 29er hardtail ebike my ride from downtown Trail to downtown Rossland on the wagon road takes about 40 minutes without breaking a sweat. Sweet!

Our hardtail is fine but a full suspension ebike on the wagon road would be a lot more pleasant. The ebike goes uphill quite fast and those rocky climbs bounce me around a lot at ebike climbing speed.

Note - the City of Rossland's Sustainability Commission is working with KCTS and neighjbour communities on developing a cycling commuter trail.  You may be interested in that pllan. Contact Stewart Spooner at KCTS for info.