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Shopping at the Farmers’ Market :: Food for Thought - Will You Answer A Few Questions?

The Rossland Mountain Market is embarking on a community engagement plan to learn more about why you (yes, you!) choose to shop at our farmers’ market or not. It is the goal of our Committee to improve the market experience for everyone, so your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!

To start the conversation, we would love to know:

1) Do you shop at the market? How often? And what attracts you the most?

2) Ok, you don’t shop at the market. Why not? What deters you? What frustrates you?

We encourage you to be open and honest while being mindful and respectful of our volunteers and vendors.

Thank you in advance for participating and offering your feedback!


Bhump! C'mon, let us know! 

I've seen a lot of comments on your FB post, but it gets shared to other pages and people comment there.  You might have to take a look at all the 'shares' to get your feedback!