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Best route for Old Glory?

I'm hiking Old Glory soon for the first time and was wondering what the best route is...not necessarily looking for the easiest, but is there a concensus 'best route'?

Seems there are a few options—out and back on Plewman>Upper Old Glory? Out and back on Lower Old Glory>Seven Summits>Upper Old Glory? Or maybe a loop combining both?


Up the main trail, on a atv. 

Do the loop! Up the right hand trail. That ridgeline walk is the best part of the trail. 

I prefer up Lower Old Glory, to Seven Summits, as that section of 7S (Unnecessary Ridge) is scenic, sub alpine and builds up as you start to approach Old Glory. It's also relatively mellow (minus the last 1/4 of Lower Old Glory). Then out and back on Uppper Old Glory and return via Plewman.

I'd second the last recommendation.

Thanks for the input folks! We’re thinking we’ll head up Plewman, out and back on Upper Old Glory, then down on Lower Old Glory. I think I’d prefer the steeper ascent and mellower descent.